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Some words about us!


Bulli International is successfully and specialized in restoring of VW Bullis for several years. We restore on 3000m2 Garage in three halls and are equipped with the best technology and have seperate areas for each step of the restoration with highly qualified specialists and our capacity are many restorations in the same time. All steps of the restoration would be make by Bull International, so we are independent and we our own aircooled parts stock!


The management is German Brazilian origin and therefore we works with a very individual system and mindset. This is called "highclass quality " and with an exactly documentation.


All products and materials which we use are with highest quality, we work with by ourseves imported parts and also we produce parts by ourselves, so all of our restored Bullis would be have the maximum in quality and value. We are the only one company whose working like that.


Our team are 21 professional employees such as weld workers, painters, mechanics, interior designers, automotive electricians, who work together efficiently and motivated and who proudly carry out their job.


Every customer is welcome to visit our garage, we also have holiday rooms available and you can borrow our own Bulli from our garage and take wonderful tours to beaches and bays.


We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to your contact!


The Management