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100% complete Recovered

Origin of our Bullis


We have always different years in stock available, 60tys and 70tys, also some special models, if the Bulli arrives at our warehouse, we leave them untouched until the order / restoration, because each of our Bullis has its own exciting story, so we always try to find out as much as possible about the past. The complete restoration process as well as the products which was used, are documented in detail and recorded in a checklist, so the bus would be an safe investment.

Restore Details


The Bulli would be sandblasted, because after blasting the true condition become apparent. Immediately after sandblasting, we applicate Primer on the Bulli with to prevent new rust, we separate the complete body from the chassis and start the body work and build the Bulli again. Part of the bodywork can be restored but some of the parts we change always into new, to keep the original quality , like the central corridor, trunk floor panel, side walls, tank, front, tailgate, engine flap, side doors, front doors. We use original parts to get the highest possible quality.During the body work, we can get into every corner of the Bullis and here we take the opportunity and we doing an complete cavity sealing, so the Bullis is rust free guaranteed.



After completing the body work, starts one of the most important steps of the restoration, the preparation / preparation for painting. We work on every detail with perfection, and we are doing a lot of quality control, then the Bulli will be painted in the desired colour.

We use high-quality branded products imported by ourselves to Brazil and accordingly we realize an absolutely top-class paint job. All variants are possible, our modern paint cabine is specially designed and constructed for Bullis because temperature and light are important factors and dust-free conditions must be guaranteed.



The interior can be desired, we have all possibilities and we work with high-quality leather and others. All colours and versions possible! We can construct the interior for you as a camper, with gas stove and sink and fridge as well as various cupboard and storage options, as well as a folding table or folding bed, and TV and sound system, Foodtuck Interior.

Engine & Electric


The engine is an original air-cooled 1500 and is completely dismantled, we only take over the original block for restore all other components are replaced by new original VW parts, such as pistons, piston rings, gasoline pumps, cylinder heads etc., then the Engine reassembled and is brand new and runs smoothly and reliably. An important quality detail is also imported, we already use German modified petrol to regulate and adjust the engine. Through all these quality standards, we give a 3 month warranty on the engine. According to Volkswagen, we recommend an oil change after the first 1500 km.



We would be happy to install additional extras, Safari pop-up window at the front, Safari pop-up window on the side, Safari pop-up window at the rear, trailer hitch, curtains, folding sunroof, luggage rack large / small optionally with ladder, air conditioning, sound system, expansion of food truck, expansion cocktailbar

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