Order & Shipping

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Restore Time

The restoration time is approx. 4 up to 6 months, depending on the version and model, we are organized and equipped for many restorations at the same time. The demand for our Bullis is constantly increasing, so it can be that it may take 1 to 2 months longer and in case will be communicated before buying / ordering! We always have all parts in stock, so we have a fluently production.




Delivery / Shipping / Export

We are garage and also exporter too and we work very closely with shipping companys together, so we can deliver to every place in the world!

An exact offer is including Bulli Price and the Transport Price to the destination, after the Bulli arrived, the customer have to pay his Import VAT /TAX and duties and the car is ready to pick up.

Our offers / calculations are valid for 5 days, because we are working with imported parts and other currencies.

The shipping time is about 17 to 21 days. We ship into every destination worldwide!




During the restoration, we like to send a lot of pictures and videos, so the customer can follow up all the steps of the restore process.